Making life-changing stories you can experience

Story × Technology

MyDearest Inc. is an IP company that primarily works in VR,
aiming to use the most cutting edge technology to bring users life-changing stories.

We develop and publish original VR games,
as well as branch into other forms of media using our IPs.
With a variety of projects based on amazing concepts,
we continue to make stories with the passionate fans who've treaded the course with us.
As an entertainment company, we strive to always be interactive.


  • First Bullet

    Make concepts that break down preconceptions.

    We develop concepts that flip "normal" on its head.

  • Second Bullet

    Be interesting above all.

    We prize interesting ideas above all else,
    no matter who came up with them.

  • Third Bullet

    Strong individuals working together.

    We put together a team of the finest individual creators and get them to work together to step into uncharted territory.

  • Forth Bullet

    Start from passion.

    By making something we're so passionate about that everyone around us can feel it, we gather more like-minded fans and creators.

  • Five Bullet

    Do it right.

    We put full effort into our tasks and build up our projects bit by bit. Creating good systems and improving efficiency improves our creative output. We build the habit of thinking, then put that into practice.

  • Six Bullet

    Take initiative and fight with creativity.

    There's no need to wait for directions here. Debate with the team about the ideas you think are best.