BIG SHOTS, the new Cross-Platform Coop VR action shooter, is out now!

BIG SHOTS is available to download from April 18th, 2024 on Steam, PlayStation®VR2, and Meta Quest(App Lab).

An experiment gone wrong unleashed a relentless alien invasion on Earth, plunging humanity into chaos. Price Inc. started the BIG SHOTS® Initiative in an attempt to fight off these invaders. This is where our players come in, as they will be taking on the important job of alien exterminators. As they gear up and evolve their mech, they will venture deeper and deeper into infested territory in search of the main source of all this mayhem.


Meta Quest (App Lab):


To mark the occasion, a Launch Trailer has also been released today!

Exterminations can be done solo or side by side with a fellow BIG SHOT. When teamed up, working together is going to be key to holding off alien scum and getting that job done. Cross-platform play is supported, so no friend will feel left out!

BIG SHOTS official X account:

BIG SHOTS official Discord:

Platforms: Steam / PlayStation®VR2 / Meta Quest (App Lab)
Supported languages (audio): English
Supported languages (text): English, Japanese
Publisher: MyDearest
Developer: AlterEyes
Genre: VR Action Shooter
Player: 1 to 2(with Cross-Platform Coop)